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Business lines

QD Global specializes in 3 business lines

QD Tech

New technologies offer the consumer the absolute capacity XXI century in countless Gadget and accessories, so we have created our brand QD Tech, offering our customers a wide range of products with added technology.

QD Home

Since the founding of the group QD GLOBAL, we have collaborated with the range of home decoration and accessories, so our products section highlights QD Home superstores being a sought after by the consumer line fashion home sector.

QD Style

Any product with added technology has some different features, so our innovation and development section created our brand QD Style, division focused on consumers who differ from the rest with a style and design that makes them unique trendsetter.

We are experts in international commerce.

Our professional staff works to make your project a success.


QD Global Services 

We provide our customers our expertise for your company to achieve success.


Search / Manufacture of products specialists in: Technology, Textiles, Decoration & Fashion


Certification goods, Swatches & approval, inspections Pre load, Billing & Administrative Procedures


Licenses & Phrases Import / Export, Shipping Companies & forwarders Connection First name


Warehouse & Distribution, Sales and Customer Service, Truck Own European Distribution