Explotacion de Propiedades is an international trade and logistics company with strategic warehouses in Spain. We connect millions of tons of products per year and offer high quality customs, warehousing and storage services. Optimize your supply chain and increase your profitability, contact us today.



In QD Global International we have been since 2016 with our own certification of bonded warehouses. Offering thousands of advantages and serving these points as an international strategy for all our customers.


We export and import thousands of products all over the world, we have all the necessary licenses, import/export epigraphs, connection with first level shipping and forwarding companies.


We take care of all the necessary management so that your goods meet all the requirements of merchandise certification, samples and approval, pre-loading inspections, invoicing and administrative procedures.


Our mission is to simplify the logistics and international trade process for our customers. We strive to offer customized solutions tailored to the needs of each of them, providing an efficient and cost-effective service. Our team of highly trained professionals is always ready to work closely with customers to ensure their satisfaction.


At QD global international, we understand the importance of innovation and technology in the world of logistics and international trade. For this reason, we make sure to use the latest technologies and cutting-edge tools to offer a more efficient and effective service to our customers.


At QD Global, we specialize in offering property development services for commercial activities. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry allows us to provide customized solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Whether you need warehouse space, corporate headquarters or retail space, we are here to help. Rely on us to optimize your investment and maximize your profitability.

Why choose QD Global?

At QD Global international, our goal is to simplify the logistics and international trade process for our customers by offering customized solutions tailored to their needs. To this end, we offer a wide variety of specialized services, ranging from product sourcing and manufacturing to efficient distribution and the use of state-of-the-art technology.


We offer inspection, invoicing and administrative services to ensure that products meet the required standards. We ensure that all processes are carried out in a sustainable and responsible manner.



We offer high quality customized products in technology, textiles, decoration and fashion. We work with reliable suppliers to ensure that they meet the required quality standards.


At QD global international, we take care of all the necessary licenses and headings. We have a solid connection with first name shipping lines and carriers, which allows us to offer customized solutions.


Efficient and high quality distribution services in our warehouses in Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. We have our own trucks for European distribution and an exceptional customer service.


We use the latest technologies and tools to offer a more efficient and effective service to our customers. We constantly adapt to ensure that we are always offering the best services and solutions.

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In summary, at QD global international we are committed to offer a high quality logistics and international trade service, personalized and tailored to the needs of each of our clients. Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you!

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