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    QD Global International

    QD Global International

    International commerce experts

    Logistics warehouse

    We have logistics warehouses for reception and distribution of goods.

    Professional team in origin

    Our professional team will control quality throughout the production process.

    Customer Support

    Customer service, support and warranties final destination.

    Professional international market

    QD Global International, is a newly established company, which was founded for the development and creation of international brands. QD GLOBAL group, as is known in the technology sector, home and fashion, aims to meet the needs of each customer adapting all its features to the product and brand in major markets and superstores.

    Although we are continuously growing, QD GLOBAL today has a presence in Asia, the United States, Latin America and Europe, getting an image in the main sectors for which operates with offices in Hong Kong and Valencia of the various branches representing brand worldwide.

    QD GLOBAL among its customers is characterized by innovation capacity and infrastructure, which allows facilitate the latest in quality designs and products. Our perseverance and competitively brings results in the most innovative products on the market, making a difference that makes us distinct.

    Our team, characterized by great engineers and designers make it possible that all this is a fact today, we invite you to discover yourself.

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